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July 20 2017

July 19 2017

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Couve Mineira (wird original mit brasilianischer Grünkohlart hergestellt, habe Mangold verwendet, sehr geil. Habe ewig keinen Fisch gegessen, aber Geruch und Geschmack erinnerten an ein leckeres rauchiges Fischgericht, lag vielleicht nur am frischen Knoblauch) [Rezept]

Ofenkartoffeln (Salz, Olivenöl, Thymian, Rosmarin)

(noch skeptisch ...) [Rezept]

Champignons mit Zwiebeln, in Butterschmalz, Salz, Pfeffer, Majoran
+ ein Soja-Hafer-Bratling
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Creole stuffed peppers, filled with black eyed peas and other vegetables, together with vegan messy rice and hot-sauce-glazed tofu
Recipes from the Veganomicon but can probably be found on Google
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Onion-Glazed Baked Home Fries
Only make these if you want your kitchen (and especially oven) to reek of garlic for a week – the recipe calls for a head of garlic. The recommended dip (One part each ketchup, mayonnaise and horseradish is quite nice, though.
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July 18 2017

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Mount Roraima, South America: This tabletop mountain is one of the oldest mountains on Earth, dating back two billion years when the land was lifted high above the ground by tectonic activity. The sides of the mountain are sheer vertical cliffs, with several waterfalls, making it nearly impossible to climb.

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July 17 2017

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the mistake is monogamy. :>
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July 16 2017

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Wonsz rzeczny
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July 15 2017


i really wish everyone had good hearts and good intentions for others. honestly.

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July 14 2017

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